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Bridgestone strongly supports the modern transport operator with a range of cost‑effective and hi‑tech solutions for the many challenges faced by the road transport industry - now and into the future.

New Bridgestone Multi Trans M766

With a brand new tread compound developed specifically for Australian conditions, Bridgestone's new Multi Trans M766 drive tyre stands up to Australia's most challenging operations. When compared to other leading truck tyres, the wear life of the Bridgestone Multi Trans M766 outperformed. Click here to see the results.

The Bridgestone Multi Trans M766's latest technology, supported tread block design, minimises irregular wear and provides longer wear life. The improved road contact gives high traction, particularly in the wet.

Key features include:

  • Exceptional wear life
  • Irregular wear resistance
  • Improved wet traction
  • Developed specifically for Australian operations

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Ecopia Truck & Bus

Bridgestone has developed an innovative solution which has the potential to save fleet owners hundreds of thousands in fuel costs - Bridgestone Ecopia Low Rolling Resistance Drive and Trailer tyres.

With 21% lower rolling resistance than Bridgestone's premium M722 and R295 product, the Bridgestone Ecopia range of truck tyres can deliver fuel savings of up to 6%.

To find out how Bridgestone can help you lower your fuel costs, click here.

Bridgestone aims to be your reliable and committed partner in reducing operating costs and in acting more responsibly towards the environment. Ecopia is Bridgestone's flagship brand that helps to reduce CO2 emissions through improving vehicle fuel efficiency. For more information on how to reduce your environmental impact download our truck and bus environmental brochure.