Tyre application chart

This is a general guide to tyre patterns to suit axle positions and general applications. Please consult with your local Bridgestone store or representative for advice specific to your needs.

Application Chart r150 ii r227 m840 m857 g611 g530 / g540 r285 r295 r192 r285 / r295 r251 r225 m748 r150 ii r294 r294c r225 r251 g611 g530 / g540 g611 m711 m729 m722 / m722yz g530 / g540 g611 r192 m711 m722 l317 l301 m857 m822 m840 r187 r187 R109 r164 r168 r285 / r295 r285 r225 g530 / g540 m748 m840 m857 M749 M749 M766 M766