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In the early days of 4WD outback
adventuring, people wasted a lot of
valuable travel time patching tyre tubes and changing tyres.
Fortunately, tyre durability has come
a long way in recent years, and the new Dueler sits at the forefront of enhanced puncture resistance.

It’s a common misconception that most punctures occur in a tyre’s sidewall. The majority of tyre failures actually start with a puncture in the tread area. The majority of tyre failures actually start with a puncture in the tread area. Because the sidewall is often ‘blown out’ during such failures, it’s just assumed that the sidewall was the original problem area.

This is where the purpose built Dueler D697 LT demonstrates its superior design and structural integrity. Cut test comparisons with sections of standard 4WD tyres reveal that the new Dueler’s entire structure is thicker – particularly in the vulnerable shoulder and under–tread areas.

Its greater tread depth is such that sharp objects often can’t penetrate the tread grooves and, even if they do, the under-tread structure protecting the steel belts forms a thicker shield to resist tyre casing damage.

The D697 LT also has heavier-gauge steel belts than previous generation Duelers, encased in a thicker tread area structure. These improved belts offer even more puncture resistance.

When it came to testing the Dueler D697 LTs enhanced puncture resistance we found that the tyre was more than ready to meet any challenge.

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