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Purpose-built to hit the road or trail time and time again, Bridgestone’s new Dueler D697 LT is built to last. Delivering the extended wear life, overall durability and ride comfort that 4WD enthusiasts have long been hoping for.

Most people think that a tyre with the deepest tread offers the longest wear life, but it’s not that simple. Rubber compound and overall design also play a huge role.

Many deep-tread tyres have a ‘hard’ rubber compound, that keeps the tread blocks stable as the tyre transfers torque to the road surface. But while this hard compound may give good tyre life on bitumen roads, it lacks the versatility to perform on gravel and stony surfaces. Alternatively, a deep-tread tyre that might be great on bitumen, can be cut and chipped to a useless state on some of Australia’s harsher stony road surfaces.                                      

Excessive heat build up, caused by the rubber compound, can also have a detrimental effect on the wear life and structural integrity of some deep-tread 4WD tyres.

So clearly there’s a lot more to designing a long life, bush capable tyre than just the depth of tread.

Dueler D697

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Bridgestone’s new Dueler D697 LT delivers a deep-tread, long-life tyre with superior ‘cut and chip’ resistance. Its advanced rubber
compound’s malleability moulds the tread around sharp objects to prevent cuts, but is also resilient enough to prevent tearing and chipping when cuts do occur, providing excellent wear life under all conditions.

Throughout our testing, the Dueler
D697 LT delivered a quiet and smooth ride on bitumen, and even after navigating huge tracts of sharp and stony country, suffered
almost no signs of tread damage

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