Dueler D697 - Toughness on Tour

Article - Noise and Pressure (Ride Quality)


When we hit the road, the first thing I noticed was the D697 LT’s ride quality. Despite being built with heavy-duty light truck construction and running recommended full load pressures, they rode as comfortably as passenger car rated tyres. Another unexpected feature was the low road-noise level.

On gravel roads, the D697 LT delivered exceptional grip, with no signs of cutting or chipping of the tread elements. Even after a grueling sharp-stone, ridgeclimbing exercise, the tyres emerged virtually unmarked.

For low-pressure testing, a sandy and stony creek bed was chosen and we lowered all tyre pressures. In an environment that has caught out many a 4WD tyre in the past, the D697 LT prevailed.

The low pressure necessary for flotation on the sand often makes bagged-out sidewalls and shoulders vulnerable to stone cutting, but the Dueler showed no signs of damage.

In fact, at the end of what proved to be one hell of a journey, the Dueler D697 LTs looked fresh and ready for even more action, with the treads in remarkable condition and only a few visible tiny cuts and chips. In a place where only the best survive, Bridgestone’s Dueler D697 LTs lived up to their well earned reputation.

More than ever, Australia’s favorite 4WD tyre is tough enough to bring you back.

Allan Whiting
Outback Travel Australia

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