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Dueler - Comfort and style meet power and durability.

Delivering unprecedented levels of durability and wear life, these tyres are built tough enough to take you anywhere and bring you back! Designed to optimise 4WD performance on the road and off, Dueler is the perfect choice for serious off-roaders and suburban tourers alike.

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Dueler Tyres

Dueler HP Sport

Bridgestone  Dueler HP Sport

The Dueler HP Sport is designed to deliver outstanding handling and grip for high performance 4WD Vehicles. Note: SIzes in 19" and over feature Asymmetric tread.

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Bridgestone  D674

The new Dueler D674 has been designed to meet the hardcore demands of off-road driving even through heavy mud.

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Bridgestone  D697

This tough all terrain tyre delivers durability, less irregular wear and reduces noise in both new and worn condition.

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Bridgestone  604V

The Desert Dueler 604V is a legendary name that is synonymous with 4WD tyres. A dual-purpose tyre, it is suitable for light truck and recreational vehicles in on and off-road conditions.

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Bridgestone  D693

The Dueler A/T D693 with DONUTS technology is a superb all rounder.

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Bridgestone  D400

D400 is designed to provide a quiet and comfortable ride for on road drivers.

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