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When it comes to light trucks, commercial vans and utilities, Bridgestone has you covered. Our Light truck (L/T) range delivers the ultimate in off-road strength and performance. We’ve combined toughness and durability with a selection of tyres for a range of vehicles that is as diverse as the needs of those who drive them. Whether you use your vehicle on and off road, on the highway or commercially, we have a tyre to suit.  Some people will want increased wear life while others will want superior traction and manoeuvrability.  Some people will simply want the reliability of an all-season tyre for all purposes. Whatever your needs, from tray top light commercial vehicles to vans and utilities, our L/T range has a tyre to suit.

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Bridgestone  613V

The 613V is a steel-belted radial ply tyre specifically developed for light commercial vehicles.

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Bridgestone  R623

The R623 features a tread compound formulated to provide directional control in wet conditions.

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Firestone  CV4000

The CV4000 is a durable tyre for commercial vans and light trucks, delivering superior handling.

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Bridgestone  R202

The R202 is a V-steel, highway/all-position rib tyre, designed for light trucks and mini buses.

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Bridgestone  R215

The R215 is a highway tyre designed for all axle positions.

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Bridgestone  VSX

The VSX is an all season radial tyre designed for highway applications.

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Bridgestone  R205

The R205 offers exceptional stability on both wet and dry roads, superior wear life and excellent resistance to irregular wear.

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