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Bridgestone Runflat Tyres

Technology Behind Bridgestone RFT

Runflat Technology increases the tyre's rigidity and heat resistance so that the tyre can support weight while rotating in a deflated state. Bridgestone's new RFT tyres meet this challenge by combining design, materials and construction changes that optimise the location, shape and physical property of each tyre component. The sidewall is reinforced allowing the tyre to carry the vehicle's weight at zero-pressure.

The bead shape itself is unchanged, so that the Bridgestone RFT tyre is compatible with conventional rims. However, the bundle of bead wires is more substantial, ensuring a secure fit on the rim even at zero pressure, and a special bead filler compound minimises the heat generated in this area.

So how do Bridgestone RFT tyres actually work?


(1) Normal conditions
(1) Normal conditions
  (2) Tyre punctured
(2)Tyre punctured
  (3) At zero pressure Runflat tyres maintain their profile
(3) At zero pressure Runflat tyres
maintain their profile