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Fast Facts about Runflat Tyres

  • You must still check the tyre pressures on your car if you have RFT tyres.
  • Bridgestone Runflat tyres are typically capable of travelling for a maximum of 80km at 80km/h after a tyre suffers deflation. However, the vehicle manufacturer may specify a different speed or distance for RFT tyres fitted to specific vehicles and owners should consult their vehicle handbook for details.
  • Bridgestone RFT tyres marked 'Do Not Repair' must be replaced if punctured.
  • RFT tyres should not be fitted to any vehicle that does not come with Runflat Tyres as Original Equipment.
  • Standard tyres can be fitted to a vehicle with RFT tyres however this is not recommended as Runflat fitted vehicles have been specifically tuned for use with Runflat tyres.
  • RFT tyres should only be serviced by RFT authorised dealers.